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I’m very lost when it comes to making blog posts. Where do I start? What do I even talk about? So here is a picture of Will and I, taking a dip at Stiffkey Salt Marshes at the end of a very hot and muggy day. I’m feeling pretty darn miserable about how winter is pretty much here already and that fact I won’t be wanting to go for a swim for at least half a year. Mornings are dark and chilly, hours at work are dwindling down… soon I won’t be able to afford coffee.

This day was wonderful, and the swim was just what I needed. I can’t wait for next years spring, it’s my favourite season, the most exciting and full of life. I totally need to invest in a flower press so I can collect all the different leaves and flowers I find as the seasons go by. If anyone has a recommendation for a good flower press, then be sure to let me know!! (:

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