Autumn is here!

October 025_1

As I may have mentioned but not gone into detail, I live a cute little village with my boyfriend, Will. We are currently sat in the dark, binge-watching Sons of Anarchy, which to begin with I wasn’t interested in, but now kinda obsessed with. I even want to be some kind of zombie biker girl for Halloween, but it probably won’t happen; I have no ideas, or too many for what I want to dress up as.

Since around May this year, we moved back into this little cottage in Stiffkey, we stayed here last summer, but this time we both have jobs and are planning on staying over the winter. This part scares me quite a bit, as I come from a town that’s never truly dark, the sky always a glowing tinge of orange, but here in Stiffkey, there aren’t street lights, well maybe one. But you can see the stars and Milky Way vividly on a clear night.

What does one do when they’re stuck in a tiny village, with a terrible bus service? I can’t drive as I’ve never really needed to and it’s very expensive, so the village shop Stiffkey Stores is my haven for decent coffee, baked goods and random groceries. But, the Stores are not your usual little shop with walls crammed with everything you could possibly need, no no. It’s set into four sections, a grocery part with carefully picked goods, a built in post office, The Barn, and then the main part of the shop were they make the best coffee, along with beautiful gifts, stationary, toys and books. The Barn is located just behind the main shop, and full of the most gorgeous home-ware, and they have just finished putting all the Autumnal and Christmas decorations out. I kept trying to steal a little squash but they wouldn’t let me! I think they’re getting some in for me to buy though!

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