New Years Resolutions

This list is twenty days late, but I keep thinking about what I need to improve this year. I’m incredibly unsatisfied with my current lifestyle; the days I work I don’t eat enough, and the days I don’t work, I just sit around and play video games.

1. Eat more & be healthy.

It’s not that I’m not hungry or not wanting to eat, but I’m ridiculously unorganised. Each day I’ll go to work, and realise there is nothing I can eat until I’m home after 5pm. I’m intolerant to so many types of food (google FODMAP), that I can’t just go and grab a quick bite like most. I’m thinking some sort of pasta salad, but need to work out what kind of dressing I could use, if anyone has any FODMAP friendly recipes, please let me know!!

2. Keep my plants alive.

I have a habit of buying amazing plants and killing them in a couple of months. I’ve shrunken many of cacti, have had succulents just fall apart and rot… It’s safe to say my green thumb is more of a yellow-orange at the moment. I have a few terrarium containers also, which really need to be filled with plant goodness, something I’ve never actually got around to doing.

3. Finish what I start.

Another terrible habit of mine is that I never ever finish something I start, unless it’s some kind of quest in a video-game.

4. Exercise and go on more walks.

I’ve not done any exercise in such a long time, that the thought of doing so just makes me want to nap. However I would very much like to be toned and have a nice shapely bum; I plan to do this by trying to do a little bit each day and get into the habit of being more active. Once it’s a habit, hopefully I can get more serious about exercise, and maybe take up yoga, or running… actually I would really like to get back into running (:

5. Be more creative!

Ever since doing Illustration/Graphic Design BA at University, doing creative things feel more like work than fun. Uni most definitely ruining art for me, always never being good enough, lacking innovation and originality. That was graphic design though, the tutors were far too interested in ideas that were ‘original’ that they didn’t seem to notice how ludicrous they were. I want to be creative again, and I want to enjoy being so.

6. Take more photographs.

I take many photos, but they tend to be quick snaps here and there. I want to dedicate more time to going on adventures with my camera, and capturing the beauty around me. I just need to make some more money, so that I can buy more lenses and be able to take a greater variety of photos. Which brings me to the next resolution..

7. Stop spending so much.

It’s not that I go on massive shopping sprees, or buy expensive items… but my money just seems to disappear. I don’t take into consideration how much things cost when going grocery shopping, which we end up doing most days rather than planning ahead… so all of these transactions add up, and cause a huge hole in my pocket. I have so many things I want to save up for, like holidays, lenses, driving lessons.. but I’ve never managed to not spend everything I earned.

8. Be more organised and tidy.

My boyfriend and I are very messy, and because he does actually work more days a week than me, it’s more my responsibility to do housework. I need to stop being so lazy, and clean up after myself straight away, rather than leaving dirty dishes to do another time.However this is part of myself that I have been trying to work on forever, though just maybe if I can create a habit of doing so.. then things will get easier. Tidy house, tidy mind.

9. Declutter.

I have so many clothes I don’t wear, craft supplies I don’t use, books I don’t read. I really need to sort my crap out and find homes for the things I no longer need. I’m going to find a way to sell some things, whether it’s through Facebook, or a bootsale app.

10. Look after myself.

Physically and mentally. I need to think more positive, be more productive, and pamper myself. I’m going to start some skin and hair routines, and generally just look after my own welfare. My body should be treated like a temple, and I’ve just been letting myself go because it’s been easier. Well not anymore. I say that, but I’ll probably still get up late, mooch around, and realise it’s 4pm and I’ve done absolutely nothing.  Not being very positive am I, *slaps wrist*.

Tomorrow I am going to the city with the boyfriend. I am planning on buying some skincare products to look after my face, deep conditioning for my hair, and maybe exercise gear for my body. Definitely going to get some more King of Skin from LUSH, and some new makeup brushes. Sorry for the long, rambling post, but if I didn’t write this list down, I would most definitely forget about these resolutions.