Mother of Plants, Painter of Pots.

Yeah that was a super lame Game of Thrones inspired heading, but I’m LOVING GOT right now… which is sad because there isn’t another new episode for like…TWO YEARS WHAT?! Anyway this post isn’t about beheading or dragons, its all about my worsening addiction to plants. I’m like a cat lady, but instead of adopting all cats I see, I adopt all the plants….of many kinds but mainly succulents, especially ones that are really difficult to look after WHY. So basically here are some photos of my plant babies and where they live… oh and some pots I painted inspired by mermaids and unicorns (: [ps sorry if you hate feet]

I’m always documenting the identities of my plants on my phone, which isn’t useful when it decides to break and lose everything. So I’ve decided to document them instead by taking a photograph using my Instax camera and displaying them in a Field Notes notebook. I hope to keep doing this so one day I have a full book containing all of my little plant adventures (:

Below are some planters that I decided to paint because I became bored of all my pots being a plain terracotta. This DIY was definitely me just making it up as I went along. I started off just trying to make them look rustic by painting them light blue letting them dry a minute then wiping it off… but it wasn’t really going to plan. I then broke out the bright pink and gold paint and added random splodges, mermaid scales, and some boho typography. I’m thinking about making a tutorial on these soon, hopefully describing my techniques and thought process better (: