Beach Huts and Ghost Nets

Hey guys! I wanted to share some of my favourite pictures from a little walk we had at the beach Friday! Living in Wells-next-the-sea doesn’t mean going to the beach and eating fish and chips everyday, we barely actually get time to even go once a week, but when we do I definitely use it as a photo opportunity!

We did a little beach combing as usual, but this time something caught our eye; a tangled pile of rope and net… so we took it. Firstly and most importantly if we didn’t (no one else seemed to be bothered by it) it would wash back into the sea on the next high tide and possibly affect … and secondly it’s a perfect visual demonstration of ocean pollution.

During the Wells carnival week, at Grey Seal Coffee (I no longer work there but Will indeed does) we plan on raising awareness of ocean pollution and hopefully get Surfers Against Sewage and the local RSPCA Seal Sanctuary involved, and I really want to somehow incorporate this netting into a display. In Wells one of our main problems is single-use plastic crab buckets. These buckets aren’t meant to be just a one-use disposable bucket but during the summer holidays I’m always seeing them just dumped on the side of the quay, along with plastic crab nets as the holiday makers don’t fancy stinking out their car for the journey home… let’s not even mention the hundreds of buckets that are just dropped into the water.

Sorry about the rant, but I’ve just decided that definitely this year I want to capture and document the carelessness of some holiday makers… I think it could be quite and interesting project! Showing the real and no so fabulous side of seaside holiday destinations!

Thanks for reading… or just looking! Pictures always speak for themselves! (: