About Me

My name is Becka, no one actually calls me Becksey, but I’ve used it as my online signature absolutely ages. I’m 26 and currently reside on the gorgeous North Norfolk Coast. I have been a keen photographer since I was a child, always using (and breaking) my mum’s digital camera.

I’m originally a towny girl, used to sleeping with orange street lights glowing through my bedroom curtains, never being able to properly see the stars, the constant sounds of traffic… and now I live in the village called Stiffkey, which only has a shop and a pub. Stiffkey is beautifully quiet, and surrounded by thriving nature, adorable flint cottages and miles of fields. You can imagine how inspired I am being here to take photos, instead of ‘not so Great Yarmouth’.
I have started this website/blog as a way to channel my inspiration and creativity. My creative side has been hibernating for many years due to anxiety and depression getting the better of me. I studied Illustration and Graphic Design at Norwich University of the Arts, but ended up not being able to complete my course. I am currently trying to decide whether trying to complete my last year of illustration using an online uni course would be beneficial to me. But for now I will be using this blog to channel my artistic side.