Snow in Spring


Snow where I live is pretty rare, especially since I live on the Coast where salt is in the air and snow doesn’t settle… but the ‘Beast from the East’ had other ideas! I’ve never seen snow like this since I was little.. which I don’t really remember.

So yeah, most of these photos were taken in a moving car so they aren’t the best, but enjoy (hopefully!)


10 ASOS Valentines Picks

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I don’t know what it is about Valentines, I love it but I’m not too fussed about the actual day as you should let your special someone know how you feel everyday right? Though I absolutely love the gifting options I see every year. I always let out an excited squeal when I see the cute teddies and sparkly cards! BUT what’s better than cute cards? CUTE TSHIRTS. Yep.

3. / 4.

ASOS every year has amazing Valentines themed tshirts, pajamas and gifts, so I thought I would put together a collection of all the things I’ve been obsessing over after browsing the entire collection! Will if you’re reading this… major hints right here 😉

5. / 6. /

The red QED London dress is especially my favourite and something I already own! It’s the softest stretchy material ever! First time wearing it I got so many compliments, and I made sure to let each of them experience just how soft it was by going ‘FEEL IT’. I’m not really for dressing up all fancy, so I would happily wear this gorgeous pink pinny to a romantic movie or whatnot!

7. / 8. /

How freaking cute is the Benefit Rose Cheek stain?!?! It’s limited edition with a rose shaped lid, so if you have a girlfriend (or bf?) that loves their makeup, don’t bother with a rose that will whither and die… get this!!

9. / 10. /

I may or may not have got myself the first bra of these two. It’s just as beautiful in person! I have yet to try it on, but it only arrived today so hopefully I’ll be able to put some more input here soon! The velour bra is so freaking pretty, I’m definitely thinking about purchasing it….SO TEMPTING.

Future Art Sneak Peak

Hello! Happy 2018! It has been super quiet on the blog for a while now so I thought I would update you guys on what went on in 2017, and what my plans are for this year! (:



Firstly, the boyfriend and I went on a little camping holiday to Scotland, and it was amazing! I think I could make a blog post all about it, but I really should have done it back in September when it was still fresh. So there may or may not be a blog post about it soon!

I got an AMAZING opportunity to do some illustrations for Jarrolds Christmas campaign. The project was based on Alice in Wonderland, which meant I had a lot of fun creating watercolour images. My illustrations could not only be found in the Christmas Gift Guide, but throughout the Jarrold department store and The Granary, on and within the window displays and even a few magazines. I have a portfolio post showing WIPS and photographs of the store itself which you can find here.

After having my work up in such a big store its really motivated me to create more! In December I painted a few Christmas cards for friends and family , and this A3(ish) illustration for my mum… and I love how it turned out. I really want to do more of this style this year because I really enjoyed painting them and loved peoples reactions…. even my own reaction…. like oh my gosh I can actually paint, with zero lessons, just picked up the brush and experimented.

So my goals for this year are to;

  1. Open an Etsy Shop
  2. Create more
  3. Save for a MacBook Pro
  4. Have Etsy shop open and running for Christmas 2018
  5. Get a Working Cocker puppy!!


I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

b x

Mother of Plants, Painter of Pots.

Yeah that was a super lame Game of Thrones inspired heading, but I’m LOVING GOT right now… which is sad because there isn’t another new episode for like…TWO YEARS WHAT?! Anyway this post isn’t about beheading or dragons, its all about my worsening addiction to plants. I’m like a cat lady, but instead of adopting all cats I see, I adopt all the plants….of many kinds but mainly succulents, especially ones that are really difficult to look after WHY. So basically here are some photos of my plant babies and where they live… oh and some pots I painted inspired by mermaids and unicorns (: [ps sorry if you hate feet]

I’m always documenting the identities of my plants on my phone, which isn’t useful when it decides to break and lose everything. So I’ve decided to document them instead by taking a photograph using my Instax camera and displaying them in a Field Notes notebook. I hope to keep doing this so one day I have a full book containing all of my little plant adventures (:

Below are some planters that I decided to paint because I became bored of all my pots being a plain terracotta. This DIY was definitely me just making it up as I went along. I started off just trying to make them look rustic by painting them light blue letting them dry a minute then wiping it off… but it wasn’t really going to plan. I then broke out the bright pink and gold paint and added random splodges, mermaid scales, and some boho typography. I’m thinking about making a tutorial on these soon, hopefully describing my techniques and thought process better (:

Kelle + Nigel 

For the last couple of years I have been second shooting for my friend Cat of Catherine Scoles Photography and here is the first wedding I did with her. It don’t think I was quite ready for the rush of preparation that comes with the morning of the wedding,  but it was totally wonderful being able to experience and capture what effort goes into such a beautiful event!

When thinking back to this weddings atmosphere I immediately picture wild flowers, bright colours, outside party games, Charlie the dog…. and alpacas! The whole event was set outside with straw bales and flannel blankets for seating and then a gorgeous marquee for the reception. I think I’m going to just let the photos do the talking for this day!


New Years Resolutions

This list is twenty days late, but I keep thinking about what I need to improve this year. I’m incredibly unsatisfied with my current lifestyle; the days I work I don’t eat enough, and the days I don’t work, I just sit around and play video games.

1. Eat more & be healthy.

It’s not that I’m not hungry or not wanting to eat, but I’m ridiculously unorganised. Each day I’ll go to work, and realise there is nothing I can eat until I’m home after 5pm. I’m intolerant to so many types of food (google FODMAP), that I can’t just go and grab a quick bite like most. I’m thinking some sort of pasta salad, but need to work out what kind of dressing I could use, if anyone has any FODMAP friendly recipes, please let me know!!

2. Keep my plants alive.

I have a habit of buying amazing plants and killing them in a couple of months. I’ve shrunken many of cacti, have had succulents just fall apart and rot… It’s safe to say my green thumb is more of a yellow-orange at the moment. I have a few terrarium containers also, which really need to be filled with plant goodness, something I’ve never actually got around to doing.

3. Finish what I start.

Another terrible habit of mine is that I never ever finish something I start, unless it’s some kind of quest in a video-game.

4. Exercise and go on more walks.

I’ve not done any exercise in such a long time, that the thought of doing so just makes me want to nap. However I would very much like to be toned and have a nice shapely bum; I plan to do this by trying to do a little bit each day and get into the habit of being more active. Once it’s a habit, hopefully I can get more serious about exercise, and maybe take up yoga, or running… actually I would really like to get back into running (:

5. Be more creative!

Ever since doing Illustration/Graphic Design BA at University, doing creative things feel more like work than fun. Uni most definitely ruining art for me, always never being good enough, lacking innovation and originality. That was graphic design though, the tutors were far too interested in ideas that were ‘original’ that they didn’t seem to notice how ludicrous they were. I want to be creative again, and I want to enjoy being so.

6. Take more photographs.

I take many photos, but they tend to be quick snaps here and there. I want to dedicate more time to going on adventures with my camera, and capturing the beauty around me. I just need to make some more money, so that I can buy more lenses and be able to take a greater variety of photos. Which brings me to the next resolution..

7. Stop spending so much.

It’s not that I go on massive shopping sprees, or buy expensive items… but my money just seems to disappear. I don’t take into consideration how much things cost when going grocery shopping, which we end up doing most days rather than planning ahead… so all of these transactions add up, and cause a huge hole in my pocket. I have so many things I want to save up for, like holidays, lenses, driving lessons.. but I’ve never managed to not spend everything I earned.

8. Be more organised and tidy.

My boyfriend and I are very messy, and because he does actually work more days a week than me, it’s more my responsibility to do housework. I need to stop being so lazy, and clean up after myself straight away, rather than leaving dirty dishes to do another time.However this is part of myself that I have been trying to work on forever, though just maybe if I can create a habit of doing so.. then things will get easier. Tidy house, tidy mind.

9. Declutter.

I have so many clothes I don’t wear, craft supplies I don’t use, books I don’t read. I really need to sort my crap out and find homes for the things I no longer need. I’m going to find a way to sell some things, whether it’s through Facebook, or a bootsale app.

10. Look after myself.

Physically and mentally. I need to think more positive, be more productive, and pamper myself. I’m going to start some skin and hair routines, and generally just look after my own welfare. My body should be treated like a temple, and I’ve just been letting myself go because it’s been easier. Well not anymore. I say that, but I’ll probably still get up late, mooch around, and realise it’s 4pm and I’ve done absolutely nothing.  Not being very positive am I, *slaps wrist*.

Tomorrow I am going to the city with the boyfriend. I am planning on buying some skincare products to look after my face, deep conditioning for my hair, and maybe exercise gear for my body. Definitely going to get some more King of Skin from LUSH, and some new makeup brushes. Sorry for the long, rambling post, but if I didn’t write this list down, I would most definitely forget about these resolutions.

A visit from Summer


My friend Summer came to visit for a week a couple of months ago; we chilled, took photos, and made pizzas. I made her walk 2 miles in the rain so we could took take some ‘moody’ shots, butwe ended up being soggy, sipping scolding ‘green tea’ which tasted like jasmin… which to me tasted like face cream.

Here’s just a few photos I took from our adventures, video to come soon hopefully!




Autumn is here!

October 025_1

As I may have mentioned but not gone into detail, I live a cute little village with my boyfriend, Will. We are currently sat in the dark, binge-watching Sons of Anarchy, which to begin with I wasn’t interested in, but now kinda obsessed with. I even want to be some kind of zombie biker girl for Halloween, but it probably won’t happen; I have no ideas, or too many for what I want to dress up as.

Since around May this year, we moved back into this little cottage in Stiffkey, we stayed here last summer, but this time we both have jobs and are planning on staying over the winter. This part scares me quite a bit, as I come from a town that’s never truly dark, the sky always a glowing tinge of orange, but here in Stiffkey, there aren’t street lights, well maybe one. But you can see the stars and Milky Way vividly on a clear night.

What does one do when they’re stuck in a tiny village, with a terrible bus service? I can’t drive as I’ve never really needed to and it’s very expensive, so the village shop Stiffkey Stores is my haven for decent coffee, baked goods and random groceries. But, the Stores are not your usual little shop with walls crammed with everything you could possibly need, no no. It’s set into four sections, a grocery part with carefully picked goods, a built in post office, The Barn, and then the main part of the shop were they make the best coffee, along with beautiful gifts, stationary, toys and books. The Barn is located just behind the main shop, and full of the most gorgeous home-ware, and they have just finished putting all the Autumnal and Christmas decorations out. I kept trying to steal a little squash but they wouldn’t let me! I think they’re getting some in for me to buy though!

October 039
October 035
October 022_2
October 031_1
October 016_1

Stiffkey Swims

Stiffkey Swims 173

I’m very lost when it comes to making blog posts. Where do I start? What do I even talk about? So here is a picture of Will and I, taking a dip at Stiffkey Salt Marshes at the end of a very hot and muggy day. I’m feeling pretty darn miserable about how winter is pretty much here already and that fact I won’t be wanting to go for a swim for at least half a year. Mornings are dark and chilly, hours at work are dwindling down… soon I won’t be able to afford coffee.

This day was wonderful, and the swim was just what I needed. I can’t wait for next years spring, it’s my favourite season, the most exciting and full of life. I totally need to invest in a flower press so I can collect all the different leaves and flowers I find as the seasons go by. If anyone has a recommendation for a good flower press, then be sure to let me know!! (:

Stiffkey Swims 229
Stiffkey Swims 065

Stiffkey Swims 002

Stiffkey Swims 087


Stiffkey Swims 225