Start-Up Book Redesign

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Assignment Description:
Design book covers for at least three titles from one of the categories listed. Although you are asked to design 3+ covers only, you are advised to produce a basic format flexible enough to accommodate any title in the current list, or any future titles, giving the series a strong and unique visual identity. Selection should be based on the potential and possibilities within the overall theme of the series, not just on individual titles.

Specification:  Use the existing formats as a basis for your designs.

Categories are listed below to help you with your selection.


I chose to do ‘pastimes/hobbies’ because I felt that this category for me had the most potential, and I was also very interested in the hobbies featured in the books I had picked to revamp. I came across Doug Werner’s books while searching through Goodreads and Amazon, and noticed straight away that these books definitely needed more up to date covers. As a child I was part of the girl guides association, and also later on I went to Scouts and did a lot of camping and outdoor activities; so the first thing that came to mind when coming up with ideas was patches! I loved collecting patches and putting them on my brownie sash, or even a fleecy blanket. Below is a mood-board showing the feel I wanted for the book jackets.

wild moodboard


I did a lot of doodles for this project and really like the rawness of them so used a few to make a few cover ideas. Although happy with the aesthetic of the covers below, they just didn’t have that outdoorsy vibe I had in my mind.

I went back to my moodboard and focused on getting some patches into my designs. I used the same doodles from before, but incorporated them into patch designs using basic shapes.


Above are the almost finished pieces, but I decided that each of the books needed their own background colour (below) to help customers find the book they are looking for quicker. I’m really happy with how this project came out and want to continue doing more things like this in the future!

Hardcover Book MockUp BACKHardcover Book MockUp SURFHardcover Book MockUp SNOW